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What is a Short Code?
A short code is essentially a short ‘virtual’ five digit mobile number that is set up to receive mobile messaging requests; for information, a call back, to participate in a vote or promotion, etc. As a 5-digit number it is shorter than a regular mobile number which makes it easier to remember and quicker to use.

What is a SMS Keyword?
A keyword is a unique identifying word that is associated with a short code. The keyword/short code combination is unique. Keywords are not case sensitive and can be assigned by our systems as alphabetic, numeric or alphanumeric.

Try our quick demo:
Text UK to 88008 (your standard text rate)

Short codes can be shared or dedicated. A dedicated code is exclusive to your business. You may choose to operate your dedicated short number with or without keywords. This really depends on the purpose of use. Keywords are unlimited on a dedicated code.

A shared short code means that the keyword you rent from us is unique to your business; however the number to which it operates on maybe shared with other customers. Be assured, there are no concerns regarding keyword/code/customer campaigns and segregation ~ our systems run thousands of concurrent campaigns ~ we do all the tricky bits for you ...

Need to Talk?
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How do we receive our messages?
This is up to you. We can forward them by email containing full details of the customer request or enquiry. This is real-time. We can also schedule a detailed report of all activity, by the hour, day, week or month. We can forward inbound messages to a mobile phone or we can forward your messaging directly to your own web application or database.

Can my customers add a message after my keyword?
Yes. Get them to use a space or comma after your keyword, we can then capture and process the additional text information. For example: ‘Text House(space) your home address to 8xxxx.’

What are Secondary Keywords and what are they used for?
This is probably best answered with an example. A store locator service may look something like: ‘Text STORE followed by your postcode to 8xxxx.’ STORE is the primary keyword; the postcode variable would be the secondary keyword. The purpose of the secondary keyword is to interrogate a database and retrieve information set against certain criteria. The information request can then be sent back the user.

Is my Keyword available?
Follow the link below, complete the fast form and we’ll run a search for you.

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