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MMS Marketing delivering video and picture messaging

Millions of mobile phones rest in pockets and purses around the UK. They represent an immediate opportunity for UK businesses to help customers interact with their brand like never before...

Our MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) service wraps up picture, video and SMS content into a useful marketing tool. The MMS gateway provides brands, agencies and developers the facility to send and receive MMS marketing content and deliver messages to screen, email or a web application using the MMS API.

The MMS content is delivered to you using MMS short codes or long dedicated virtual mobile numbers (call us we’ll advise what is best commercially and technically to use). These MMS codes pass mobile video, images, sound and text, from your customers mobile to your campaign email address or to your own application.

Features of the MMS marketing gateway include:

MMS to screen (for live events)
MMS to web (post content to a web page)
MMS to email (receive MMS content to your inbox)
MMS campaign broadcast (send MMS to support product launches)
MMS gallery (we auto-produce a secure web gallery of content to download)

MMS marketing can be used for raising and maintaining brand awareness, for receiving instant mobile content information (from the consumer or field-worker) and for direct response marketing.

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“We’re happy to recommend Cymba
~ for both the SMS and MMS service we use and for their support whenever it’s needed.” (a United Business Media company)

Through our SMS WAP MMS gateways UK brands, agencies and developers have access to the complete range of mobile marketing services:

  • Send and receive MMS
  • Send and receive SMS
  • Send WAP push marketing
  • Competitions
  • Quizzes
  • Voting
  • Subscription list marketing
  • LBS
  • Mobile billing
  • Mobile internet
  • Premium rate services
  • Shared short codes
  • Dedicated short codes
  • SMS WAP MMS gateway APIs
  • Bespoke application development of the above

Call our team on 0845 08 29622 to understand more how organisations are using MMS marketing ...

PR agency Cube chose Cymba to mange the mobile marketing promotion for a Replay Store Event. “Our first campaign together was a great success – we came straight back to Cymba and used them again!” says Sarah Sullivan of Cube

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