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A mobile WAP Site can be used to deliver highly relevant information or content to a customer’s mobile phone within a matter of seconds.

A WAP site can be used to support marketing strategies by allowing access to additional (targeted) product information via a mobile specific website. Enable mobile driven requests, news feeds, and registration or database queries via a mobile site.

A branded WAP site gives you the opportunity to further your promotional message - to make a positive impact on marketing communications, to enhance a brand experience, influence recall and meet customer demand for information on the move.

A WAP site can be used to capture customer data through the clever use of quick-forms; it can link to video content or animation, or be used to distribute (viral or locked-down) promotional mobile vouchers for in-store redemption.

Influence purchase decisions, brand loyalty and recall with a mobile website …

Mobile users demand WAP sites that download fast; provide short and concise textual content, consistent visual messages, and navigation that is simple and straight to the point.

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