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Premium Short Message Service

PSMS will lead to a charge on a customer’s mobile phone bill, or will debit from available funds on a non-contract mobile phone.

We provide what’s called ‘Reverse Billing SMS’. A consumer is charged their standard network rate to text your service/promotional short code - the SMS response that is sent back to the mobile phone can be set to charge between 10p and £10 (in accordance to your published terms of service).

What’s PSMS used for?

  • To generate revenue for services, content or collect micro-payments
  • To reduce the cost of a text-to-win brand promotion or vote
  • To establish a subscription payment e.g. news alerts
  • To donate to charity

Our PSMS service allows you to charge micro-payments that are billed to a consumer’s mobile phone. We choose do not support services that are of an adult nature and all services and promotions must adhere to PhonepayPlus regulations (and/or the gaming and lottery commission).

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