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The Quick Response Code

Mobile marketing provides both an advertiser and the customer the opportunity of instant communication. Responding to marketing using a mobile device is a preferred method for many consumers. If you give people the option, many of them will choose to respond to your marketing by sending a short message to a short code, or (from press, posters and on-pack) by scanning a mobile barcode.

A short cut to the mobile web…

Mobile barcodes - also known as QR Codes© - have been used in Japan for several years. They first appeared in 1994 and are part of everyday marketing life in many countries. Increasingly they are being embraced by UK advertisers as a way of taking ‘mobile’ customers straight to a mobile website to browse and download content, for additional product information, to register an enquiry, receive a mobile discount coupon, view a movie trailer – or make a purchase from their phone.

As more phone manufacturers preload a mobile barcode scanning application onto their handsets, the opportunities increase for brands and agencies to capture instant interest from a mobile savvy audience.

QR Codes will make outdoor and print media more powerful, direct and more measurable.

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What is a QR Code®?
A QR Code is a 2D barcode that can be used with a compatible mobile phone. By simply scanning the code via a mobile barcode application, the QR Code acts as an instant gateway to your mobile information and content.

QR Codes can store web address and contact details that are instantly returned to your mobile handset; to be accessed immediately or at a later date. Scanning the QR Code costs nothing; you only pay whatever your mobile operator charges you to use the web from your mobile phone.

Mobile barcodes can be added to any print media or on packaging. They encourage customers to communicate with the brand at their convenience.

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QR Code® is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE Incorporated in Japan and other countries.

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