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SMS Marketing Campaign

A SMS Campaign has opened many new opportunities for direct marketing promotions and advertising response.

SMS can be used to develop and maintain two-way customer relations that seek to improve communication, often at a reduced cost of rival marketing technologies.


SMS is often used as a tool of direct marketing i.e. marketing through advertising media that interact directly with the consumer, generally calling for the consumer to make a direct response.

In the pull-model campaign, the marketer sends the information requested by the
consumer; whereas in a push SMS campaign, the marketer takes the initiative to send messages to the consumer (based on prior consent to receive marketing messages).

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Marketing via the mobile channel, the response can be almost immediate, interactive and the consumer can be reached/respond everywhere at anytime.

Our SMS campaign service provides brands and agencies with:

  • The ability to receive an advertising response anywhere and anytime
  • The immediate distribution of offers and time-sensitive vouchers
  • Product alerts and reminders
  • Media ‘teasers’ e.g. movie promotion trailers
  • Text-and-Win competitions
  • Polls and Voting
  • Mobile content delivery
  • Mobile data capture and detailed campaign reports/analytics
  • Support and best practice whenever it’s needed
  • An ability to integrate SMS into web and mobile applications
  • Robust and reliable systems
  • Passion and integrity in everything we do

Principally we help brands and agencies create, launch and track SMS campaigns.

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SMS is a highly personal media channel that demands a select and precise call to action. We have found that SMS marketing works best in an integrated communications plan, allowing customers to respond and communicate their interest and request for more information from any media; at their convenience and at any time.

While traditional marketing efforts often attempt to extend the user experience for as long as possible, SMS campaigns should aim to keep the user experience quick, effective and deliverable.

Leading language learning provider "RosettaStone" switched to to power their SMS marketing campaigns.
"They’re helpful, easy to work with, and extremely prompt, and so far we are very satisfied with their service.” K.L.

Customers of ours include brands such as BUPA Travel, Oxfam and Diageo. The list also includes media agencies such as TMP Worldwide, EHS Brann and Posterscope.

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