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More and more UK companies both large and small are devoting more time and marketing budget to text message marketing campaigns. This includes outbound marketing broadcasts using and inbound text numbers now familiar on advertising.

Advertisers are turning typical brand advertisements into powerful direct response using a Text Short Code on posters, direct mail, print, TV & radio, on vans, buses and taxis. A Text Short Code is far more memorable and convenient than a long phone number or web site name. They give an instant message back to the responder leaving them with a great call-to-action on their mobile phone.

Instantly engage with new customers
Customers respond to your advertising at any time of day
Details of your promotion is stored on the respondent’s mobile phone
Customers get what they want – an instant response!
Low cost and simple to use

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Influence purchase intentions with a Text Short Code …

Short Codes also allow the advertiser to capture the mobile number of each responder to make follow up calls to or send permission-based Text marketing updates to. Promoting deals and special offers to new and existing customers, perhaps complementing email marketing campaigns to influence new sales enquiries is a powerful consumer marketing strategy.

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A growing number of advertising and media agencies believe that starting a mobile relationship using text as the contact medium can be even more effective than driving traffic online by adding URLs on billboards. Outdoor advertisers understand that using a Text Short Code is an extremely attractive way to communicate with customers while they are waiting for something (a bus, a taxi, a plane, tube or train) or whilst out shopping. Starting a relationship with a new customer at the customer’s convenience has led to the rise in Short Code marketing adoption.

Research suggests that when the mass of users fully embrace the mobile internet we will probably see Text Short Codes on every piece of advertising. Everywhere!

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A Forrester Research report found that response rates by customers to Text marketing campaigns are high as 11%, compared to 2-3% for direct mail. Similar findings were made by Kingston University in their report, “Text Message Advertising: Dramatic Effect on Purchase Intentions”

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