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Our Short Code SMS Voting application provides an integrated text voting solution and is designed to enable brands, event promoters, media and marketing agencies to interact and engage with their audience by utilising a SMS vote, poll or SMS survey.

We offer different types of interactive SMS voting campaigns using hosted applications that can display real-time results in a format you require. Voting can also be integrated with premium SMS to generate revenue (e.g. a charity event); votes can be displayed on a big screen or be a viewed from a secure web page - branded for you or for your client.

We provide your SMS voting results:

  • By Email
  • To a big screen
  • To a secure web page/login
  • By graph, charts or an excel spread sheet
  • To your own systems using the SMS API
  • To a mobile phone/device

High Volume Votes, Polls and Surveys -

Mobile voting has become widely accepted as a business marketing and opinion tool, with new and compelling applications emerging each month. Find out more about these developments and ways in which companies are making a SMS vote work for them.

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Comprehensive campaign results

  • Audience participation
  • Band, Modeling Competitions and Corporate Events
  • Local Government Voting
  • Competitions and Charity Events
  • Text to Screen - For live events
  • Instant opinion polls for TV and radio stations/broadcasters

Detailed category and sub-category nominations using SMS voting -

Our SMS system supports and processes extremely high volumes of messaging that can attain a throughput in excess of 500 votes per second.

With our SMS Voting service we provide many UK organisations with:

  • The ability to receive votes by SMS anywhere and anytime
  • Real-time or scheduled voting statistics and mobile data capture
  • The ability to integrate and receive live votes to your own applications
  • Support and advice whenever it’s needed

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