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Dedicated Short Codes

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Mobile marketing using a dedicated short code represents an immediate opportunity for UK businesses to encourage customers to interact with their brand. A five-digit short code enables mobile consumers to instantly respond to a marketing promotion, participate in a vote, retrieve mobile content and quickly access a mobile website. They offer convenience and simplicity for the UK consumer to respond to advertising and the ability to make a micro-payment for goods or services.

Marketing on the move …
Increasingly we find that customers who make the effort to key in a code or short message in response to marketing are likely to be more interested in your product or service than passively viewing or listening to a commercial or seeing a print advert that is limited to just a telephone number or long url.

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What is a Dedicated Short Code?
A dedicated short code is essentially short mobile number that can be used to receive mobile messaging. This can be processed by one of our own applications (e.g. voting) or delivered directly to your systems. An automated message (generic or bespoke in response to a query) can sent back to the respondent within a few seconds of their request.

Dedicated short codes are as their name suggests; dedicated to you. The short code can receive messages sent to the number, or as is most common published with a unique keyword associated to your code (e.g. text UK to 80010). With a dedicated short code you have the ability to generate unlimited unique ‘keywords’ to be used for multiple and concurrent marketing promotions.

Using our hosted applications we can generate a simple courtesy text-back, deliver your content, confirm a payment, register a vote, or perhaps send back a link to your mobile (WAP) web site.
Using the powerful APIs - SMS WAP and MMS messaging can easily be integrated into your existing systems or web application.

Typically, there is longer lead times associated in provisioning a dedicated short code as opposed to a shared short code which we have available today.

If you require a premium rate dedicated short code, these can be set to charge between 10 pence and £10. For lead times, rates and more information contact us.
*All UK premium rate services must adhere to PhonepayPlus regulations.

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National Accident Helpline Head of Marketing Beth Powell said,
" had worked closely with the personal injury company to understand the current marketing response rates, the medium of customer contact and the interval of response. In this age of instant communications, mobile response is fast becoming the most effective way for a brand advertiser to engage with its customers in a personalised and immediate way."

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