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Donate by TEXT

Charity Text to Donate Service

Using our Donate by Text service donors can text a unique keyword (typically the name of your charity or awareness campaign) linked to a fundraising short code. The text number is set to charge your customers in accordance with the terms and conditions of your fundraising campaign. This can be:

  • A single donation by text message in response to fundraising activities
  • A recurring monthly contribution to your charity

If using the recurring text donation option your subscribed donors will receive (at agreed intervals) a premium text message from you; in accordance with your published terms and conditions. The message could be your monthly charity news update or simply a “thank you for your donation” text message. The message is populated and sent via email by you. *At their request a donor can choose to opt-out from receiving future premium messages.

With both these options the text to donate is charged and is itemised on a donor’s mobile
phone bill, or debited from available funds on a non-contract mobile phone.

Our systems can facilitate both type of fundraising mechanic.

We provide our Donate by Text service with the utmost respect for your charity and its customers. We operate our business to the highest level of integrity in everything we do. Our service comes with unlimited telephone and email support.

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Customers of ours include charities such as RSPCA, Action Aid and Shelter.
The list also includes high-profile fundraisers such as Cancer Research UK, Oxfam and
World Wildlife Foundation.

“Cymba quickly established themselves as a good company to work with.”

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