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Donate by Text Message

Charity fundraising by text donation

Text message donations enable charities to instantly generate new fundraising streams by
providing an immediate and convenient method of receiving a donation by text message to
their charitable cause. Donors seamlessly make donation a gift using their mobile phone.

A text donation can be a single payment or agree to donate (automatically) each
week or month, or at agreed intervals.

A charity chooses the donation they wish to receive via a mobile payment that costs the
donor between 25 pence and £10. We provide support for each charity on how to
complement their mobile fundraising promotion (for new acquisition or existing customers), the
terms of their service, best practice and the revenue they aim to achieve.

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Customers with mobile phone contracts have the text donation simply added to their next mobile bill, whereas customers on pre-pay phones have the gift deducted immediately from existing credit.

Text charity donations can be applied to many fundraising campaigns; benefits include:

  • Simplicity - Text is a well understood mechanism
  • Convenient for donors to engage with
  • Fast - donate within seconds
  • Increased fundraising reach - complement existing efforts
  • Encourage the collection of regular gifts - automatically
  • Complementary – charities receive both donations and data capture
  • Collect donations without the need for credit cards or cash
  • Instant - raise money anywhere

Donate by Text
Text donations are a highly effective way for charities to raise money quickly, and inexpensively communicate their message with supporters. We provide mobile marketing and fundraising solutions for charity. Please contact us for more information on charity donations by text message and mobile Gift Aid.

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