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SMS Toll-Free Short Codes

A UK Free-Text SMS short code allows a service provider, an advertiser or public sector organisation to incorporate a ‘consumer free’ mobile text response on direct marketing or ‘contact us’ communication channel.

The service provider (our customer) will bear the cost of the inbound message (in the same way organisations use 0800 voice telephone numbers) sent to the SMS code.

In the appropriate sense of ‘free’ your customer pays nothing to send a text message to your SMS short code number. Likewise, any reply message that is returned from our systems or from your own (in response to a request) will be free of charge to the respondent (the service provider also bears the cost of the reply text).

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We provide Free-Text SMS short codes across all UK mobile networks

Our toll-fee SMS short code service allows your customer’s to text you for free. For the latest commercial details, best practice and technical guidance contact us on 0845 08 29622.

Customers of ours include Action Aid, Oxfam and Shelter. The list also includes organisations such as Glasgow City Council, Metropolitan Police and NHS.

For FREE-TEXT SMS Short Codes call our team of friendly experts on 0845 08 29622 or click here <

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