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Inbound SMS Gateway Service

The SMS Gateway service enables business operators, service providers and technical marketing agencies to manage SMS messaging (both inbound and outbound) from their own intuitive web based applications.

Our messaging gateway interprets each inbound SMS according to the number and/or message body. User messaging is sent from a mobile device to either:

  • MSISN number (11-digit virtual number, or long number)
  • SMS Short Code Number (proprietary UK 5-digit text number)

Both types of inbound number can operate as a ‘dedicated’ (to you) number or be a ‘shared’ (the keyword delineates the service, campaign, or client) number code.

Parsed messages reside at your application whereby your own application rules apply. Based on these rules your system determines an appropriate response.

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With our SMS gateway service we provide many enterprises with:

  • The ability to quickly integrate SMS to any web application
  • SMS Short Code Numbers
  • 2-way messaging capabilities
  • Hosted SMS marketing applications
  • Support and best practice whenever it’s needed

Receive operational messages, service requests or a marketing response by SMS. Inbound messaging can be forwarded to your system or to ours. Our SMS gateway enables you to send inbound messages to a web service or application.

Customers of ours include organisations such as Oxfam and NHS. The list also includes brands such as The National Accident Helpline, BUPA Travel and Telegraph Media Group.

For inbound SMS gateway service enquiries call our team of friendly experts on 0845 08 29622 or click here <

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