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Mobile Coupons

Mobile Coupon Marketing

There is now an opportunity for consumer brands and marketing agencies to access today’s mobile culture and engage in an interactive and immediate relationship using a mobile coupon.

Target those who have previously opted in to your marketing with specific offers sent directly to their mobile phone. Incentivise consumers and enhance direct marketing efforts with a promotional mobile coupon which can be sent directly to a mobile device for redemption at a retail store, sports club, restaurant or venue.

Mobile coupons can be free to receive or carry a charge that can be added (by consent) to your customer’s mobile phone bill. They can be viral or locked-down, display a brand logo or image, use a barcode, plain text or use a unique code that that can be integrated to your systems or web application.

A mobile voucher can be redeemed in-person or via your web site.

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Marketing campaigns using mobile coupons can demonstrate an almost immediate ROI. They are relatively inexpensive to implement and allow brands to further leverage existing marketing media often straddling branding and direct response.

Benefits of mobile coupons:

  • Boost customer loyalty - repeat business
  • Compliment a product launch
  • Expedite time sensitive offers
  • Increase foot-fall to stores, events and venues
  • Convenient to access (no paper, no printing)
  • Fast - a coupon is received within seconds
  • Always on - accessed anytime
  • Improved product recall - always on - pocket or purse
  • Cross-media: on pack/signage/POS/web
  • Can carry additional info about product/service/brand
  • Targeted and measurable
  • Have a clear ROI

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