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Mobile Short Codes

A short guide to a short mobile code …

Mobile Short Codes are the memorable five digit mobile numbers widely used in print media,
on outdoor advertising, on TV, radio, and more recently on the side of commercial vehicles.
Mobile Short Codes are a great way for advertisers to encourage an immediate response
from customers.

By including a mobile SMS response in your advertising you allow consumers to respond wherever they see or hear your advertising campaign.

Mobile Short Codes enable your customer to:

  • Request a priority call back
  • Express an interest in your product or service
  • Respond to your advertising without the need to call or logon
  • Request more information by email, WAP, by post, text or MMS
  • Run a query e.g. check their balance
  • Log a customer service enquiry and check the status
  • Enter a competition or cast their vote
  • Make a donation to a charity using a premium short code

Try a quick demo:
Text mobile to 81400 (your standard text charge)

Influence purchase intentions with Mobile Short Codes …

The purpose of any direct-response advertising is to produce a clear and measurable
response. A compelling advertising message directed at consumers using a convenient and low cost response tool (the mobile phone) exemplifies direct-response advertising and increases your odds of being contacted.

Mobile Short Codes are an ideal complement to existing advertising strategies and an effective marketing tool to promote a greater response from your advertising budget.
Set up is swift and simple. Contact us about your marketing requirement.

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