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WAP site design and development

Mobile websites can vary - from a simple branded micro-page or contact form, through to more complex mobile CRM, video streaming or mobile payment systems. A mobile site can enhance the users brand experience and provide a compelling consumer gateway for any B2C business.

To help stimulate ideas your mobile website here are some tips we’ve picked up along the way - what to consider as part of your mobile site’s general look and feel:

  • Use small logos.
  • For the main navigation associate a number to each page link.
  • Try to provide only one content item per page.
  • Identify sections by colour to give a sense of where you are.
  • Use simple contact forms (ask how they found you when they are a customer)
  • Make mobile forms intuitive with drop down boxes – save time reduce user error.
  • Include a short strap-line or page title on each page.
  • Always include your contact number (at the bottom of each page).
  • Contact numbers should be ‘click-to-call’ hyper-link active.
  • Keep text copy to a minimum.
  • Keep your site simple. No deep page navigation.
  • Consider screen sizes (everything looks great on an iPhone !)

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We build and host mobile websites to complement mobile marketing strategies. Our sites render across all mobile phone handsets and devices. Each mobile site we develop is mobile SEO compliant and supports the use of brand identifying URLs or aliases. RSS and API available.

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