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Premium Rate Text Numbers

Premium Rate Text messaging provides a fast and convenient facility to make payment for information services via text messaging - billed directly to the customer’s mobile phone.

Popular applications include text-to-win competitions and promotions, interactive text quizzes, voting by text, lowest unique bid auctions, subscription-based information services and text alerts, and charity text message donations.

Premium rate text services use what is called a reverse billing text. The text message each respondent receives in back to their mobile phone (following their consent to participate with your promotion or service) is the charging mechanism. Premium rate text numbers can be set to charge between 25 pence and £10.00.

Premium rate text can be applied to endless revenue generating opportunities; examples include:

  • Text to Win competitions
  • A text quiz
  • News items
  • Text Voting
  • Sporting updates/scores/results
  • Subscription services
  • Database queries
  • Access to chargeable content and downloads
  • Promotional text vouchers for redemption at a store or event
  • Charity - donate by text message - fundraising

Our systems cater for simple or advanced premium rate text campaigns.

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Lucie Hide, Face For England modeling competition

Promotions can instantly generate revenue streams by using premium rate text numbers for services without having to manage the payment collections. We do this for you. Each month a premium revenue statement is calculated and shown online for you to claim. Your revenue out-payment is paid to you on receipt of your invoice.

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Rent a premium rate shortcode and gain access to the premium text messaging gateway; enabling your business, charity or agency to run text message campaigns, promotions and mobile services using premium rate text messaging or standard rate text message marketing.

All inbound text messages we receive (e.g. we are hosting a vote for you) can be delivered to an email address or forwarded directly to your own web application using the (free) API. For details of how to integrate text messaging services with your business application contact us.

“We use the text gateway service provided by
Technically and commercially this has proved to be the right decision”
says Jonathan Truelove, Finance Director of

Our services come without lengthy contractual terms to commit to. Contact us for more information regarding premium rate text competitions and campaigns, our rates and your out-payments.
*Your charges and terms of use for undertaking a premium rate text service should be completely transparent to the end user. If you have any questions regarding your implementation of a premium rate text service please contact us or refer to the PhonepayPlus (the UK regulator) website.

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" helped me with not only the set up of a premium text short code but also helped with useful ideas of how we may use it too. It has now become part of our integrated marketing approach and has proved to be a successful way of generating donations for the charity." says Zena Wright, Fund Raining Officer for BREAK Charity.

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