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Premium Rate SMS Short Codes

As demand for paid-for services and content on mobile grows premium SMS provides a consistent, fast and user-friendly payment method that delivers content and information services for making a single payment or establishing a subscription SMS service via mobile.

Using Premium Rate SMS will lead to a charge on a customer’s mobile phone bill, or it will debit from available funds on a non-contract phone.

What is a Premium Rate SMS Short Code?

Shorter than a typical telephone or mobile number, premium short codes are 5 digits in the UK. They are used to route SMS text messages from mobile phones to interactive mobile messaging applications. They are designed to be shorter to read and faster to use, therefore they are easier to remember than long telephone numbers or website URL’s.

A premium short code allows content owners, promoters, service providers and application owners to bill customers by sending a chargeable response message back to a respondent’s mobile handset. This is often called ‘reverse billing’.

The unique properties of mobile mean it is possible to generate immediate revenue using interactive premium SMS services such as voting, competition entry, charity donations and news alerts, as well as downloading mobile content.

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Premium SMS benefits include:

  • Generating new revenue streams via mobile
  • Providing a simple to use process to make a micro-payment
  • Fast end-user access to media rich content
  • Premium short codes are convenient and well understood

*Please note: we do not support services of an adult nature and each premium SMS campaign must be compliant.

Our technology enables advertisers, content owners and service providers to promote their brands and generate revenue using shared or dedicated premium rate SMS short codes.

Your premium SMS revenue out-payment is managed by us on a monthly basis. You also receive a detailed messaging report and a network revenue statement -

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