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Millions of mobile phones rest in pockets and purses around the UK. They represent an immediate and convenient opportunity for UK businesses to encourage customers to participate in a promotion, make a micro-payment for goods or services and generate an additional revenue stream like never before using premium rate SMS.

Our Premium Rate SMS Services:

  • SMS Voting
  • SMS Competitions
  • Simple or Advanced Quizzes
  • Lowest-bid SMS auctions
  • Text to Win promotions
  • Redeemable mobile SMS vouchers
  • Information services
  • SMS alerts
  • Prize draws
  • Subscription services
  • SMS billing for web services
  • Content downloads
  • Charity SMS donations

With an increasing number of brands and agencies considering premium rate SMS marketing as part of their promotional mix provide a complete range of premium rate SMS applications that deliver what we believe to be the highest UK out-payments. The SMS service is fast, reliable and simple to use; backed up with the highest levels of free customer support. These ready-to-use premium rate SMS services are available today.

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Call 0845 08 29622 arranged our on-pack ‘Text-to-Win’ promotion throughout Ireland. The marketing support and advice that we received was refreshingly brilliant!”
Melanie Talbot, Marketing Manger United Wine Merchants Ltd.

The premium rate SMS gateway delivers each message we receive directly to the service we are managing for you (e.g. you are running a vote) or to your own application (we provide a free API for developers). Following the message sent in by your customer a premium rate SMS message is sent back to their mobile phone. This message is set at the tariff you have chosen to use (in accordance to your terms of service). The message sent back is the billing mechanism (the reverse billing SMS).

Campaign reports can be displayed in real time, and importantly we transfer the network revenue out payments to you each month.

Note for developers: contact us for details of the SMS gateway APIs and how best to integrate premium rate SMS or standard rate SMS to your business systems.

"We use to manage our brand SMS promotions.
We're very happy with their service."

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Please note: your customers must get a fair deal from interacting with premium rate SMS services consumer protection should be at the heart of any marketing promotion or campaign.

PhonepayPlus is the regulator for all premium rate SMS services in the UK. PhonepayPlus regulates the content, promotion and overall operation of services through its Code of Practice. PhonepayPlus is committed to protecting consumers against misleading or inappropriate promotions and services that fail to deliver what they promise.

If you have any questions regarding your implementation of a premium rate SMS service please contact us or refer to the PhonepayPlus website.

" helped me with not only the set up of a premium short code but also helped with useful ideas of how we may use it too. It has now become part of our integrated marketing approach and has proved to be a successful way of generating donations for the charity." says Zena Wright, Fundraising Officer for BREAK Charity.

Call our team on 0845 08 29622 to understand more how organisations are using Premium Rate SMS services ...

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