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Shared & Dedicated Shortcodes

Shortcodes; also know as short text numbers are special mobile numbers, significantly shorter than a full mobile number. They are widely used for direct marketing promotions and advertising campaigns to encourage participation and to provide an immediate brand response.

Shortcodes can be used to receive SMS, MMS and now voice messaging. Our systems auto responds to each enquiry with the appropriate response. This can be a generic comfort message, a bespoke message based on a user query/request e.g. “Where’s my nearest?”, or we can deliver a mobile web URL that when accessed opens the mobile phone’s browser allowing your customer to view or download additional content e.g. a redeemable mobile coupon or to view a movie teaser. Shortcodes provide easy access to the mobile web.

Because of their length and the ability of attaching ‘keywords’ associated to a shortcode they are easier to remember than most full length telephone numbers or web pages.

Many direct marketing companies, retailers, television and radio stations have adopted shortcodes to uplift a mobile relationship with their customers and promote a greater response from their marketing activities.

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Shared or Dedicated Shortcode?

Dedicated shortcodes are of a limited supply, are exclusive to a customer and are therefore more expensive. These are generally used by larger organisations requiring multiple SMS campaigns, using many keywords or requiring messages to be sent to their unique code without the need of an associated keyword. With a dedicated shortcode our customers have the added benefit of knowing they have access to an unlimited amount of unique keywords.

It takes around four weeks to a provision a dedicated shortcode.

The most common use of a shortcode in marketing is a shared shortcode. It is a cost effective way to market a product or service. A unique keyword is assigned to your shortcode; set at an appropriate charge band or operates at the users ‘standard network rate’. With shared shortcodes our customers can be fully operational in a matter of hours.
The code is rented for as long as the you require (minimum term, one month).

*We recommend your keyword is short and easy to remember, for example: your company name, the product name, or the associated name of your promotion.

Shortcodes can be ‘standard rate’ ‘free-text’ or charge a ‘premium’

  • Shortcodes can be set to initiate a charge between 25 pence and 10 pounds
  • Shortcodes can be free to text (you bear this charge)
  • Shortcodes can be set as ‘standard network rate applies’

*This is the same for shared and dedicated shortcodes.

Obtaining a UK shortcode has been made simple, call 0845 08 29622 to speak with one of our friendly experts or click here to get in touch.

What revenue do I receive from a premium shortcode?

This depends on the volume of response your promotion receives, from what (your customer’s) mobile network the messaging is received from, and the tariff your shortcode has been set to charge at (in accordance with your terms and conditions). Contact us for our highest UK out-payment.

*Premium SMS campaigns must adhere to PhonepayPlus regulations.

Integrate a Shortcode to your web application

SMS application developers and technical agencies can quickly integrate a shortcode via our SMS gateway using well a developed API. Contact us for details of the developer API or to set up an evaluation test environment for your web application.

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We work closely with a range of media, publishing and non-profit organisations; both large to small. Call our team of friendly experts on 0845 08 29622 to discuss how you wish to use your shared or dedicated shortcode.

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