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Registering your ideal SMS Short Code with the right SMS service provider is critical for your marketing activities. Although a short code costs relatively little as a proportion of any marketing campaign budget you do still need help and advice. You need advice in choosing the best message content for your business, the most cost effective hosting plan and reliable and fast delivery of all mobile marketing messages. You also require great customer service, simple billing and terms of service. When you register a new SMS marketing campaign you want to know it will be done quickly and efficiently; you want speed and transparent advice. Most of all you want to be able to discuss your mobile marketing campaign with a friendly expert without being the victim of a £1 a minute phone line..!

We offer a personal service where you can call our team for free help and advice. In addition to this we are one of the few SMS service providers that will undertake face-to-face meetings - we are not just another faceless web company...

We keep things simple. We're good to do business with. We hope to get the most for you from your SMS marketing budget.

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We specialise in:

  • SMS Short Codes
  • MMS
  • WAP
  • Bulk SMS
  • WAP Sites
  • SMS Voting
  • SMS Vouchers
  • SMS Competitions
  • Mobile Content Hosting
  • Premium SMS Billing (no-adult)
  • SMS Gateway to Web Integration - LBS MMS SMS APIs

Our SMS services support marketing agencies, brands and developers.

Here are common questions and answers about Short Codes and our SMS marketing service:

So what are shortcodes?
UK short code numbers are 5-digit text numbers common to all major UK mobile networks. They can be zero-rated (costing the user their standard text rate), can be free-text (a bit like a 0800 phone number), or they can be set to reverse charge the user (25pence to £5.00) for receiving the message.

What's the difference between a shared & dedicated short code number?
Shared means you rent a 'keyword' against a number e.g. 'UK to 81400'. This keyword is matched to a number is unique to you. Dedicated means you lease your own network number through us with unlimited keywords. The short codes you purchase from us are in most cases shared short codes. This web site has been designed to reflect this. Dedicated short codes can be very expensive, so we offer shared short codes. Your keyword is unique therefore the service provided is just as effective. If you would like your own dedicated short code contact us. Typically these take around 6-8 weeks to provision whereas shared short codes can be set up within hours.

How many 'keywords' can I have?
Purchase as many as you need...

How much do my customers pay to respond to my short code?
It costs one of their standard SMS message credits. There are no premium charges using our 'FREE' codes. There is no charge for receiving the message from you. We deliver your messages with an average delivery time of 4 seconds.

Do you provide premium rate sms shortcodes?
Yes. CLICK HERE or call 0845 08 29622

Do I have to send a message back to each responder?

How do I purchase more sms credits if my campaign increases?
You pre-purchase credits from us. We'll advise on the amount you are likely to need depending on your estimated sms marketing response & the duration of your advertising campaign. We keep an eye on how many messages you are using each month to make sure you don't run out. You then purchase another bundle. When payment is received, we top up your account within 24 hours. All message pricing includes the UK interconnect fee, payable to the receiving network operator (Vodafone, O2 etc.) for delivering your message. This is now applicable for all UK operators. This fee ensures that our messages are treated as First Class messages and are delivered as swiftly as they possibly can be.

Do my SMS credits expire?

How do we renew our shortcodes subscription?
Your investment is either monthly, or for twelve months. We'll be in touch with you before this date to ensure you wish to continue. We DON'T tie you in to lengthy contracts.

I'm interested in WAP. Can you help?
Yes. We can provide a WAP response (service message) to a short code as well bulk WAP push. Likewise, a mobile web site (or WAP site) to complement your short code. Why wait for people to get to a computer before they can read more or enquire about your service, product or promotion? A short code recruit's customer interest by way of the mobile phone. Linking them to your online content engages customers to the point of advertising.
The number of Britons using the mobile Internet was up 25 percent to 7.3 million from the second quarter of 2008 to the third quarter, compared with 3 percent for the wired Internet's increase to 35.3 million from 34.3 million. Source: Nielson .

Some marketeer's are even suggesting removing a URL altogether from display advertising or from radio. Replacing it with a call-to-action shortcode giving back a dynamic link to a mobile web site. Call us on 0845 08 29622 to learn more.

Can I use my UK shortcode for overseas marketing?

Do I need to be technical to use the service?
Absolutely not. It's hosted & managed by us. We do the tricky bits for you.

Can I brand my messages?
*Yes - all messages can be branded with your company name as the sender (max 11 characters). *non-premium codes. Call 0845 08 29622 & we'll explain why.

Are there online reports to keep an eye on how the service is performing?
Yes there are. Upon request we can provide monthly statistics. As with any marketing activity it is fundamental you measure the results.

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I would like to send SMS messages from my PC. Do you provide this service?
Yes we do. Contact us. We have a feature rich & user friendly web-based system for you to logon to. Register with us, pay a small admin fee & pre-purchase your SMS credits. We have a global GSM reach to networks in more than 120 countries.

SMS shortcodes: What do I get for my money?
We offer the complete short code package which includes:

  • We believe the best short code service available in the UK
  • No lengthy contracts
  • Fast set up
  • Our UK message delivery guarantee (unlike some of our competitors…see below)
  • Instant email notification (24/7) of each enquiry
  • Data capture of valuable mobile numbers of each responder
  • Bespoke SMS messages
  • FREE access to outbound SMS marketing
  • Marketing tips, support & ideas
  • Simple billing & terms
  • A great personal service at a great price

How do I purchase a short code?
What to do next...

If you are happy with your price and payment details click here and we'll get back to you ASAP to confirm your enquiry. If we have previously confirmed or reserved your short code call us with your business details and we will confirm your booking terms and issue an e-invoice for you to make a secure payment to.

Which Short Code and Keyword?
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Can you guarantee my messages will be delivered?

Our SMS Service Level Agreement:

ALL of our messages are sent DIRECTLY through a UK GSM gateway at TELEHOUSE in Docklands; London. We do NOT purchase cheap text message bundles from overseas or route indirectly through third-world gateways that are not backed by and an SLA guarantee delivery level of 99%. Our systems have been designed for reliability making the services we provide ideal for time critical customer applications.

Because Cymba sends its text messages via UK GSM gateways rather than being sent through undisclosed gateways like other 'rival' systems we are reliable and predictable, and we are able to offer guarantees of performance our customers demand.

  1. Minimum uptime of web based control panel : 99.5%
  2. Minimum uptime of gateway : 99%

The above excludes failures due to circumstances beyond our control.

Possible causes of failure include: - incorrect number, receiving network overloaded or faulty, receiving phone is switched off for a period of time, the receiving phone's inbox is full. Non existent mobile number.

There are so many SMS text services to choose from these days - some offer an unbeatable price…most don't or can't offer you an SLA like this!

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To start your SMS Short Code campaigns call us on:
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Do you have online help?
Yes. We provide free email & telephone support. Your account manager will be able to provide support & marketing ideas so as to maximise your investment with us.

Do you use the mobile phone numbers for marketing purposes?
No we do not. We conform to the stringent regulations of the Data Protection Act. Your user & contact details are confidential to you. Note: Do not send unsolicited SMS messages, this is spam & is illegal. Click here for Privacy Policy

We look forward to providing you with the most effective SMS marketing available. Call out friendly team of experts on 0845 08 29622.

If we have left anything unanswered please do click here or call us on 0845 08 29622.

We do hope you will agree with one of our many hundreds of customers who say "Very pleased with excellent service to date & easy to use website, not to mention the great price!!!" Of course, if you need some further reassurance, the SMS Short Code Team is on hand. Just email us.

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