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Short Codes have proven to be a huge marketing success over the past few years thanks to their memorability, convenience and ability to attract a direct response.

Short Codes are the short text numbers (e.g. 81400) you see on TV, in print and press, on billboards and for radio advertisers. Look around and they are everywhere.

Application in both marketing and operations is set for continued growth. We predict that any business serious about consumer marketing and advertising will promote a mobile marketing response within 18 months (Jan 10).

Short Codes, as their name suggests are shorter and quicker to access than their longer counterparts. Many of our customers find that allowing consumers to send a short, easy text message in response to an advertising promotion or offer makes it more likely they will engage; ultimately influencing a purchase decision.

“This has proven to be of major interest to agencies and brands serious about digital marketing”, says Nevil Coleman of Cymba. “By moving beyond simply brand advertising and product marketing short codes generate an immediate communication between product or service and the consumer. They can influence purchase intensions 24/7.”

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When you purchase a short code from you can choose a unique ‘keyword’ to go with it. The customer texts this keyword to a short code, in response our systems can send back your information or content in the form of a SMS Text, MMS or WAP service message.

Alternatively, application developers can integrate the shortcode API gateway to their own web applications or CRM systems.

There are many potential marketing and operational applications for using a shortcode, examples include: ‘request a call-back’, ‘request a brochure or sample’, ‘run a query’ and ‘link to content’. A shortcode can be set to operate at the user’s standard network rate (typically 8-10 pence), be set to return a charge of between £0.25 and £10.00, or be free to use in the same way as a 0800 telephone number.

In essence short codes are like domain names; however there is a limit on how many short codes that exist. There are approximately 25,000 UK dedicated short codes in total. This counts all available and registered UK short codes together.

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“Thank you for the great service and advice you provided us during our shortcode marketing campaign” Cancer Research UK

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