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TEXT Marketing using TEXT Short Codes

Text marketing ~ an effective direct response strategy

A Short Guide to Text Short Codes

SMS Text short codes are the memorable mobile marketing numbers widely used in print, outdoor media, on TV & radio advertising and on vehicles. They enable the consumer to:

  • Express an interest in your product or service
  • Respond immediately to your advertising using their mobile phone
  • Request information to be sent instantly by SMS Text message
  • Request a priority call back
  • Receive picture, music and video content
  • Ask for a brochure or sample to be sent to them
  • Receive a promotional voucher to be redeemed at your store
  • Pay for goods or services
  • Make a donation to charity
  • Vote, enter a competition or answer a question in a quiz

Try this quick demo:
Text UK to 81400 (your standard network text charge)

Why does marketing using shortcodes work?

Text shortcodes are immediate and provide an instant response round the clock

  • The response is immediate providing an instant communication round the clock
  • They’re more memorable than long phone numbers & web sites
  • SMS shortcodes are immediate and provide an instant response round the clock
  • They can send a message tailored to the individual’s enquiry
  • They allow you to instantly measure the success of each text campaign
  • SMS Text messaging is the medium of choice for many of your customers
  • Your marketing net is cast further – some will always call you, some will email; however a growing number of customers will prefer to respond to your promotion using text.
  • They are low cost & convenient to use; our standard rate text codes are less expensive to use than calling many telephone numbers e.g. 0800, 0808 or 0870 from a mobile phone. Customers are aware of this...

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“We use Text Short Codes in our marketing – because they work!”
David Gilmore M.D. of Your Pad

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