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Short Code and SMS Quiz Service

Our SMS Quiz application allows brands and agencies to quickly and effectively set up consumer marketing competitions and quizzes.

We provide the SMS marketing platform, best practice and compliance guidance to deliver an effective and compliant SMS promotion.

No technical knowledge is required - we do all the tricky bits for you …

Types of quiz include:

  • Multiple choice e.g. choice of A, B, or C
  • Prize draw or sweepstake
  • Skills based (single answer quiz)
  • Series of trivia questions
  • Fill-in-the-blank (text the missing word…)
  • Personality and product test

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There are various types of text quizzes we can host using our applications or your own via the SMS API. We can manage your campaign reporting, response and revenue.

Your SMS quiz can be free to enter or lead to a premium charge that is billed to your customer’s mobile phone bill (or deducted from available credit on a non contract phone); in accordance with the published terms and conditions of your promotion and compliant with PhonepayPlus regulations.

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