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SMS Short Code numbers are the memorable SMS Text numbers widely used on print advertising, TV and radio advertising, on marketing promotional literature, on-pack marketing and on outdoor advertising. Our short code numbers are common to all major UK mobile phone operators. They enable the consumer to:
  • Respond to a promotion or offer
  • Request more information to be sent immediately to the mobile phone; 24/7
  • Register interest for your promotion or event
  • Request a call-back
  • Receive a promotional mobile coupon or discount voucher
  • Make a mobile SMS donation to charity
  • Register a vote or take part in a poll / survey
  • Receive a link to your mobile website

try our quick demo:
Text UK to 81400 (your standard network text charge)

Why use SMS Short Code marketing?

  • They are more memorable than long phone numbers and website names.
  • Provide great brand experience.
  • Raise or maintain brand awareness.
  • The response from a Short Code Number is almost immediate. Your marketing budget benefits round the clock; engaging directly with the consumer
    - not missing the moment!
  • To start your relationship with customers before the competition does.
  • With every response your company’s details are sent back to the responder’s mobile phone. People are more likely to action information stored on their mobile phone than an email sitting in their inbox (…waiting to be opened!).
  • A Short Code Number enables you to instantly measure the success of dual marketing activities; 24/7 - Reporting is real-time.
  • They enable you to capture the mobile phone number of each responder to make follow up calls to - We instantly provide you with this information.
  • A mobile response is the preferred contact media for a growing number of customers.
  • Short Codes are convenient, low cost to deploy and simple to use.

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Use a Short Code Number to transform a typical brand awareness campaign into a more powerful direct response advertisement. Marketeers can asses in real-time the effectiveness of every local and national campaign. Mobile marketing influences purchase intensions, 24/7.

Being able to instantly measure any marketing activity is critical. When we add to your marketing mix the ability to capture valuable consumer mobile data for future (permission-based) mobile marketing, the value of each SMS campaign is limited only by your imagination!

Using Short Code SMS Numbers in business-to-consumer marketing is now a compelling strategy for any organisation serious about direct marketing.

“We’ve chosen the service to increase our business in two ways; sending out SMS reminders for travel insurance renewals and encouraging inbound traffic through our new short code marketing campaign”
says Laura Morrison, Consultant for BUPA Travel.

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