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SMS Voting

SMS Vote System

Our SMS Voting and survey system allows detailed real-time voting results to be forwarded to your own information systems, be displayed on an event big screen, viewed online, or be sent to you in a scheduled spread sheet by email.

We track up-to-minute voting and nominations from UK and international mobile phone voters giving your live event or promotion accurate and instant audience participation – a vote by mobile phone.

With our SMS voting systems we provide you with:

  • The ability to receive votes by SMS using a short code or an inbound virtual number
  • The ability to charge for voting participation using premium SMS.
  • Detailed summary of all the results received
  • Campaign reports and mobile data capture
  • SMS surveys using SMS and/or a mobile web form
  • SMS to Screen - for big screen live events
  • The ability to integrate SMS voting to your own web applications via the SMS API
  • Robust and reliable systems
  • Passion and integrity in everything we do
  • Support and best practice whenever it’s needed …

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Voting by SMS -
Innovative market researchers and event promoters have begun to incorporate SMS voting and mobile marketing research into audience interaction and research studies. We have found a growing trend for private and public sector organisations taking opinion via mobile.

What do I need to do to set up a SMS vote?
Contact our team of experts; a consultation will determine the best method of collating SMS votes and distributing the results to you.

Our short code compliance team can also advise you regarding your instruction to charge participants by premium SMS to vote.

With most of our brand customers, researchers and agencies they can see their results online immediately or by a scheduled email summary. The results are often available in real-time in the convenience of spreadsheets, graphs and sometimes direct to a client website.

Customers of ours include BUPA Travel, Oxfam and BBC Radio. The list also includes leading marketing agencies such as WPP, EHS Brann and The Chartered Institute of Public Relations.

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