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SMS marketing campaigns and promotions

More and more companies both large and small are devoting more time and marketing budget to SMS marketing campaigns. This includes the sending of outbound SMS marketing communications related to offers and promotions and receiving new business enquiries through the use of short code numbers displayed on advertising or broadcast on radio.

The online SMS marketing tools we provide:

  • For advertisers: Short Code numbers – standard network rate
  • Sending Bulk SMS marketing communications
  • SMS ‘request a brochure’ (information by email is automatically dispatched)
  • Online SMS voting – real time results
  • SMS competition services
  • SMS subscription services
  • Premium rate SMS numbers: 25p, 50p, £1.00, £1.50 and £3.50
  • An Open SMS API for business application developers

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Marketing with a Short Code number …

One of the strongest areas of SMS marketing growth has been with the use of short code numbers as a tool to get consumers “engage with your brand”. Larger UK businesses have successfully adopted SMS marketing. This can be seen most notably in TV and radio advertising. Companies regularly include a short code number on advertising that lets consumers request more information on a product or service. Previously, reliance was on the customer to call in or logon. Through the inclusion of a short code number advertisers now provide customers with a convenient and immediate contact tool.

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"We've chosen the user-friendly service to increase our business in two ways; sending out reminders for travel insurance renewals and encouraging inbound traffic through our new marketing campaign."
says Laura Morrison, Support and Development Consultant for BUPA Travel.

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