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Voice Short Codes

Marketing with Voice Short Codes

Allowing companies to advertise one five-digit number which consumers can either SMS, MMS or call at a fixed rate (or free-phone) is now possible using a Voice Short Code.

By eliminating the legacy caveat 'calls from a mobile may vary' advertisers can simplify their campaigns’ call-to-action whilst also having a positive brand effect due the transparency of cost.

By establishing a complementary marketing media and a simple method of contact a Voice Short Code should significantly benefit DRTV campaigns that use already a SMS Short Code and a non-geographical (0845, 0800 etc.) 11 digit telephone number as the voice choice for contacting the advertiser. From improved simplicity and pricing clarity the use of a Voice Short Code should benefit operations and marketing alike.

What is a Voice Short Code?
Voice short codes are 5 digits long and support both voice traffic and SMS (MMS and Video will be available shortly). The customer calls the short code as they would any 11 digit telephone number and are routed either via an IVR (e.g. press 1 for sales, etc.) or go straight to a representative according to the call routing plan of your telephone system or Contact Centre.

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Nevil Coleman, Director of Cymba, comments, "With the arrival of Voice Short Codes now aggregated across all UK networks, our customers, particularly TV and radio advertisers can promote a direct response by offering a mobile literate audience the convenience to interact with their brand using the same five-digit short code number for both text and voice communications. This is particularly ideal for advertisers that use our short codes for SMS or MMS interaction as well as a non-geographical number for inbound voice calls.

Coleman concludes, “With one, memorable, five-digit short code for both voice and a text response we expect interest to come from advertisers and broadcasters offering services such as voting, quizzes and competitions.”

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*Please Note: An area of potential growth for voice short codes is adult related services and content. Our position remains the same; we politely choose to decline this type of business.

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